Thursday, March 22, 2012

What is READING?

I go back in time and find that in some old Teaching Training College notes about reading, I described the skill by using simple words such as SPEAK, PRONOUNCE, and UNDERSTAND but I'm glad to have experienced that reading implies so much more. 


  1. I feel like reading more about your findings!
    We know that young learners that start their reading learning process effectively will be successful readers and consequently,sucessful students in the future.However the ones who can't achieve that and do not have some special help may struggle with texts, and their reading skills may result in failure.This is one of the reasons why Iam so much engaged in reading at the early stages...
    "At one magical instant in your early childhood, the page of a book-that string of confused, alien ciphers-shivered into meaning.Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets;at that moment, WHOLE UNIVERSES OPEN.You became, irrevocably, a reader"
    Alberto Manguel

  2. Let me add some more concepts related to reading: CONSTRUCT, DISCOVER, FEEL, IMAGINE, ENJOY, FIND PLEASURE...
    The thing is, I´m not very objective towards reading.
    I really really LOOOOOOVE reading. I think in my other life I must have been a bookworm, a nerd or something of the sort. I have some anecdotes in relation to my life as a reader, which are rather humilliating but I will share them with you. When I started reading, I used to read every single billboard in the street and I used to get mad with my father if he drove the car too fast. Imagine trying to read out Pavón avenue!! Then, my mother used to get angry at me because I always kept reading at my room when I was supposed to be having dinner. Then, after a couple of "shouts" I would go walking slowly through the hall with the book under my nose, and I would keep reading while eating. Most of my books were always stained! Nowadays I keep walking and reading half a block after getting off the bus at the corner of my house ´cause I can´t stop reading a very interensting paragraph. And worst of all, really embarassing, last week I took a book to the shower because I wanted to finish reading David Copperfield! I know I´m a weirdo! ha ha